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To succeed, a business web site must be a carefully targeted and wisely designed. However, to get a good return of investment (ROI) your website should also generate leads from your target market, generate income from existing clients with an easy to use ordering system, increase and improve communication with potential and existing customers as well as your employees and improve the efficiency and productivity of your business by utilizing smart technology, tools and online systems.

We can help you achieve these objectives by developing a website for you that includes one or more of the following online systems.

CMS - Joomla and Wordpress

  • Business Websites
  • Community Websites
  • Non-Profit Websites
  • Public Sector Websites

CMS (Content Management System) is often used to build dynamic websites. For businesses, a CMS based web site could mean more current and updated content, website visitor engagement through polls, surveys, customized forms, user registration and user specific content. These features can provide several advantages over a static HTML/CSS website. Joomla and Wordpress are the two most commonly used Content Management Systems (CMS) for building business websites. Please visit our CMS, Joomla and Wordpress page to learn more.


Every business has a product and/or service to sell. No matter what you are selling, an e-commerce website adds a whole new dimension to your business. An effective eCommerce solution serves business needs and ensures streamlined operations, enhanced brand awareness, improved customer service and uninterrupted connectivity with vendors and clients. We provide an eCommerce system that is completely integrated with the rest of your website. Please visit our eCommerce page to learn more about the features we offer on our eCommerce system.

Online Appointment Booking

  • Freelance Professional Website
  • Medical Websites

Whether you do freelancing or work with a group, you want to make it easy for your clients to book an appointment with you. Our online appointment booking system is easy to manage, flexible and can be accessed from your computer or phone. It allows automated appointment reminders by email and text messaging, Google Calendar Sync, online appointment re-scheduling and cancellation and much more. Please visit our online appointment booking system page to learn more about the incredible features we offer you and your clients. Please contact us to see a live online demonstration of the online appointment booking and scheduling system.

CRM for Non-Profit and Public Sector

  • Non-Profit Websites
  • Public Sector Websites

We can build you a website completely integrated with CRM system specifically targeted for non-profit and public sector organizations. Our CRM system can help you manage online donations, fund raising campaigns, events and memberships. The CRM system also comes with a powerful reporting tool that will help you make sense of all the data collected. To learn more about how we can help you further your cause, please visit our page on CRM for Non-profit Websites.

Online Project Management System

  • Any business that manages multiple projects

Online project management system from Triumph Web Solutions provides you with real-time information on billable work, project tracking, status, schedules, issues and change requests, ensuring successful project planning and execution. Above all, it is intuitive and simple enough that anyone can be easily trained to use the system in a very short period of time. If your business involves managing multiple projects, please visit our page on Online Project Management System to see how we can help you improve your efficiency and client satisfaction. To see a live online demonstration of the project management system, please contact us.

Online Document Management System

Online Document Management System allows you to offer downloadable files on your website. Files can be uploaded or downloaded by site visitors, subject to constraints configured by the site administrator. Constraints are flexible, and can be applied at the level of a file or folder. It is possible to set what is permitted for visitors or for users who have logged in. Please visit our page on Online Document Management to see if this is something that your business could benefit from. To see a live online demonstration of the document management system, please contact us.

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