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Manage files, downloads and access permissions

Joomla Based Document ManagementDocument Management System allows you to offer downloadable files on your website. Files can be uploaded or downloaded by site visitors, subject to constraints configured by the site administrator. Constraints are flexible, and can be applied at the level of a file or folder. It is possible to set what is permitted for visitors or for users who have logged in.

This is a great tool for businesses that collaborate with multiple partners or manage multiple projects.

Some of the key features include:

  • Categories:

    Manage documents across multiple categories and subcategories
  • Powerful Permission System:

    Documents can be owned by a specific registered user, a groups of registered users, all registered users or everybody. Customizable user permissions for document upload, download, editing and publishing.
  • Groups:

    Create custom groups and assign access permission to each group seperately.
  • File Version and Licensing Information:

    Display information on each file that includes its version and license agreement
  • Download Counter:

    Display a download counter per document
  • Integrated Search System:

    Documents can be searched by name and/or description
  • Security:

    The built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents. Real paths to documents are never displayed to users.

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